Co-construct your scientific projects

Co-construct your scientific projects with BETTER

Calls for consortia and flagship or pathfinder projects are renewed every two years. Current and past calls are available on the BETTER intranet pages. The template for the call for proposals can be found here.

BETTER offers, through numerous calls for expressions of interest, funding for theses, projects (exploratory or emblematic) as well as aid for the constitution and operation of research networks.
Only INRAE scientists receive direct funding. The involvement of partners is an essential component in order to meet the objectives of the metaprogramme.

Exloratory projects


Projets emblématiques (PEM)

Bourses de thèses

Calls for projects for thesis grants are issued every year.


Metaprogramme funding is aimed at INRAE scientists and partners from joint research units with the objective of creating an interdisciplinary community and research dynamics on the metaprogramme theme.

Frequency of calls for projects

Calls for proposals for thesis grants are made on a yearly basis.

Outside INRAE

If you see a project that interests you, contact the project leader directly (contact information at the bottom of the page) to discuss how you can contribute.

If you are not sure how you can get involved but have ideas, you can submit them to the BETTER management team for guidance.

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