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Newsletter & subscription

We are on the constant lookout for topics related to the metaprogramme. Get the latest news in the BETTER newsletter.
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The aim of this newsletter is to build a pool of knowledge for decision-makers and the scientific production processes (research questions, launch of metaprogramme exploratory projects, publications, preparing calls for projects with successful results, etc.). The perimeters are those defined in the three axes of the Bioeconomy for Urban Territories metaprogramme (BETTER).

The goal is to foster collective thinking within the management team and the Steering Committee, but also within your projects.


The plan is to publish every two to three months. In concrete terms, BETTER keeps an eye on a set of sites to identify new projects, internal calls for projects from institutes, universities, etc. and keeps abreast of findings, announcements of thesis offers, post-doctoral fellowships, conferences, etc.

  • What's happening in-house (INRAE news): important info from BETTER, news from other metaprogrammes, divisions, news from INRAE events, etc.
  • Appointments - Agenda
  • Good to know: a nomination, books, reports around BETTER themes, tools, etc. for example a book on LCA and sustainability, a report on the bioeconomy strategy in Europe, etc.
  • The BETTER theme vigil


Why follow us?

The newsletter is intended to be more than just a way to relay information; it is the formalised and organised setting up of a system (collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating information at the right time and to the right people, or at least trying to) concerning "our environment".

All our projects in booklet format

All the projects supported by the BETTER metaprogramme for the period 2020/2022 are now available in PDF. You will find all the consortia and exploratory projects that make up the Bioeconomy for Urban Territories metaprogramme

  • Download metaprogramme's booklet (to come)

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